If you aren’t familiar with CART, it’s the instantaneous transcription of speech to text, much like you see on TV captioning. This is performed by a trained stenotypist, using specialized equipment, either on-site, or remotely (captions delivered via the Internet). CART is used in various scenarios, for groups and one-on-one purposes:  conferences and conventions, college classes, business conference calls and webinars. As an added benefit, a transcript of proceedings can be made available.

For more information about CART services, please visit:
NCRA Communication Access Information Center

Getting Started: I work with you to identify the exact method of receiving audio and delivering captions. Before any event we will work together to iron out details and make the process as simple as possible.

The consumer provides: A laptop/PC, an Internet connection to receive captions, a wireless microphone, and an audio source (Skype or conference call).

The CART provider provides: Timely and reliable service, and technical expertise. If the event is on-site, a screen and projector.

A Personal Touch: Having years of experience interacting with Deaf and hard of hearing individuals, I understand the difficulty in gaining the full experience of an event. Each hearing impaired person’s requirements and preferences are different, and I accommodate and modify delivery as much as possible.

Qualifications: Ten years as a CART provider at numerous colleges and universities, both on-site and remote; broadcast captioning experience, countless webinars, and conference calls for Federal government agencies, and Fortune 500 companies. Proficient in a variety of technical subjects.

Loveeta Baker